All 9 Members of Girls’ Generation Renew Contract with SM Entertainment

All nine members of Girls’ Generation have made the decision to renew their contracts with current agency SM Entertainment (SME).

It has been confirmed that every single member of Girls’ Generation has already completed their contract renewal with SME.

Beginning in August 2007, at the time of the group’s official debut, they all had a seven-year contract with the agency, which came to an end in August of this year. It has been revealed that the members had already signed a renewal contract prior to the expiration of the original one.

However, unlike their first contract as a newly-debuted group, they made individual negotiations with SME this time around. As each member of Girls’ Generation has continued to carry out individual activities over the years since debuting, SME made adjustments to meet the conditions of their individual contracts before coming to a final agreement. There will be absolutely no problems for all nine members to promote together as a group under SME for the next three years.

An entertainment industry rep shared, “All the members of Girls’ Generation completed their contract extension early. Each one of the members are currently busy with individual activities even after finishing up group promotions in the first half of the year. Also, it’s important that the contracts between the members and their agency are kept secret. This is why they did not make news of the renewal known to the public and continued to promote naturally.”

Starting around the middle of September, the Girls’ Generation members will jump into individual activities. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun will be taking on the music industry with their return as TaeTiSeo, following the release of their pre-release track “Whisper” on September 13. They will be holding their showcase on the 16th before officially promoting through music shows. Sooyoung landed the lead female role on MBC’s “My Spring Day” and is receiving a positive response from viewers. Sunny is currently MCing the radio program “FM Date” on MBC FM4U, and recently joined the second season of SBS’ variety program “Roommate.” Additionally, the rest of the members are also busy with individual activities through dramas, movies, variety, and more.

Are you glad to hear that the Girls’ Generation members have renewed their contracts?