BoA and Her Father Charged with Illegal Development on “Green Belt” Land

Solo star BoA and her father, Kwon Jae Chul, could be facing fines of close to US$50,000 after it was revealed that the singer and her father had allegedly developed land on their property without securing planning permission.

The singer and her father are accused by Namyangju City Government of illegally developing some 4,600 square meters of land. According to regulations, the land is governed by special laws as it makes up part of a “Green Belt” scheme. The authorities say that buildings on the land were set aside for the storage of agricultural equipment only.

Namyangju City Government has filed charges with the police, accusing BoA and her father of converting existing buildings on the land into residential buildings, cutting down a forested area and other violations. The land was bought in two stages: in February 2004 and August 2009. City authorities claim that Kwon Jae Chul has been living on the property for up to eight years.

Kwon Jae Chul, however, refuted the changes. He explained, “I didn’t make any major alterations. All I did was change a vinyl greenhouse into a glass greenhouse. I also made some interior alterations and put up a rain shelter.”

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