Rain: “I Understand the Concerns Over the Idol Cast of ‘My Lovely Girl'”

Singer/actor Rain has addressed the public’s concerns over the large number of idols cast for SBS’ “My Lovely Girl.”

The star took part on the production conference of the drama on September 15, held at the SBS Mokdong headquarters at 2 p.m.

He revealed, “I know there are concerns. However, Krystal will strengthen her position among the 20s actresses through this piece. L and Hyeryung are acting very well, too.”

“I am a singer-turned-actor myself, and if you can’t act, you are naturally met with criticism, but it is also possible to succeed and enjoy the synergy effect of the entertainment industry,” Rain added.

In regards to the atmosphere on set, he said, “Working feels very comfortable. In the past, I was the one passing around water, but I am now on the receiving end. The atmosphere on set is great. It has been four years [since my last drama], but I am going back to the basics. I practiced my tone and pronunciation for two to three months,” and laughed, “I studied hard.”

“My Lovely Girl” will premiere on September 17.