Ailee to Make Her Comeback with Brand New Mini-Album “Magazine” This Month!

It has been announced that singer Ailee will be marking her return with the release of her third mini-album titled “Magazine” this month.

The brand new mini-album release date has been confirmed for this coming September 25. Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment, revealed teaser photos through their official Twitter account on September 16.

With these newly-released teaser images, in which Ailee can be seen with her hair styled in braided pigtails as she shows off a transformation into a pierrot (clown), people’s curiosity and anticipation are at an all-time high.

YMC Entertainment shared, “Through this album, you will be able to see an even more developed and mature Ailee. You can look forward to different sides of Ailee, as she shows off new and unique charms.”

Meanwhile, Ailee is preparing to open up her first-ever comeback showcase for around 250 fans along with the new mini-album release.

Are you excited to see Ailee return to the stage?
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