Polaris Entertainment Honors Ladies’ Code Members EunB and RiSe in New MV for “I’m Fine Thank You”

On September 16, Polaris Entertainment shared a music video for “I’m Fine Thank You” from Ladies’ Code’s second mini album, through the group’s official YouTube channel.

“I’m Fine Thank You” is a special song that recently reached number one on music charts with the help of fans and non-fans alike, following the passing of members EunB and RiSe, in order to make EunB’s lifelong wish come true.

The music video honors Ladies’ Code and pays tribute to EunB and RiSe. It shows behind-the-scenes footage of the memories, as well as the happy moments that the five members shared together as a group.

This heartfelt video includes a message that EunB expressed about the group’s last music show performance for “Kiss Kiss”: “I’m so sad, but this is not the end because we’re going to continue seeing each other. This may be our last broadcast but we’re going to keep meeting, right? So I’m not going to be sad. Please continue to watch over us.” Also, at the end, RiSe and EunB can be seen saying, “Thank you very much” and “I love you. You know I really love you, right? Love you.”

The caption towards the end of the tribute video reads: “RiSe and EunB…we hope you are forever happy in heaven. Thank you, we love you.”