f(x)’s Krystal Says Rain’s Overflowing Compliments Feel Like Lip Service

On the production presentation of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Lovely Girl,” Rain spoke about his co-actor f(x)’s Krystal who acts as the female lead in the drama.

“Originally, I liked her as her senior and as her fan on stage. Right now, I follow her like her ‘oppa’ (older brother). She’s not like a young friend to me, she’s smart and we’re like on the same wavelength,” said Rain.

“I work well together with Soojung (Krystal). I’m thankful that she listens to what I say and she follows me well when we act. Whenever we act, she’s very natural that it’s like she’s not acting at all. It’s like she’s just being herself,” added Rain.

After hearing how well Rain spoke about her, f(x)’s Krystal replied,”Rain really takes care of me a lot. He gives me advice on the areas that I don’t know much about and when I am worn out, he comes and jokes with me. I don’t feel that we’re 12 years apart. As he said, our minds are on the same wavelength.”

However, Krystal commented on the amount of compliments that she received from Rain. “He gave so many compliments that I feel it’s not real. It’s like lip service,” said Krystal, making the whole room laugh.

In the new SBS drama “My Lovely Girl,” Rain plays the role of genius composer Lee Hyun Wook who dotes on Krystal’s character, Yoon Se Na, a passionate girl who works a variety of different jobs in the process of chasing her ultimate dream of being a songwriter.

“My Lovely Girl” is being labeled as a fantasy romance drama that will tell the story of the love between a man and a woman who passionately pursue their dreams in music. Catch it when it airs starting from September 17, every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.My Lovely Girl, Rain, Krystal