g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo and His Two Daughters Join SBS’ “Oh My Baby”

g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo has joined the cast of SBS’ family reality show “Oh My Baby.”

A representative of the show revealed, “We expect the viewers to enjoy watching Kim Tae Woo, who was the maknae and the prankster in his twenties during g.o.d’s ‘Babysitting Diaries,’ become a father and take care of his own two daughters.”

Through the show, Kim Tae Woo will introduce his beautiful wife, Kim Ae Ri, and his adorable daughters So Yool (29 months old) and Ji Yool (14 months old), also called the ‘Yool sisters,’ to the public.

Bae Sung Woo PD commented on the casting, “After consistent persuasion from the producers’ side, Kim Tae Woo responded to the love calls by agreeing on joining the show.”

“Oh My Baby” airs on Saturdays at 5 p.m.