Actor Jung Woo Sung to Introduce His Debut Film as Director at Seoul Senior Film Festival

Actor Jung Woo Sung will be making his official debut as a director by introducing his very first self-directed film at the 7th annual Seoul Senior Film Festival (SISFF).

It has been revealed that Jung Woo Sung has made the list for this year’s SISFF, where he will have an opportunity to present his debut short film for the first time.

As an actor, he has continued to display his talents, and now, he is prepared to showcase a brand new side of himself as a director. Director Jung Woo Sung’s short film titled “The Killer and the Old Man” (tentative English title), tells the story of a killer who has no choice but to kill an old man. Actors Choi Jin Ho, Woo Sang Jin, and Yoo In Young starred in the film together.

The 2014 SISFF has invited overseas countries to present films as well, for the first time since its opening. Meanwhile, the SISFF will be screening a total of 57 productions over a span of four days at the Seoul Theater from September 24-27.