Yoo Seung Ho Is Considered For Roles in Upcoming Projects With 84 Days Prior to Army Discharge

Fans are not the only ones eagerly awaiting the return of young actor Yoo Seung Ho. With only 84 days left until the young actor completes his military service, drama and film producers also showed their excitement at the return of the young actor and are already considering him for roles in upcoming projects.

“For next year’s drama line up which has projects coming out one after the other, the most desired actor is Yoo Seung Ho. He’ll be reformed as the best representative male actor in their 20s. Because he used to do child roles, there was a limit in the roles he could play but now that he is almost done with his military service, he gives off this youthful boyish image,” said a drama production company president who refused to be named.

“Yoo Seung Ho is considered to be the next best actor in his ’20s to follow the actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin who will be doing their military service soon. Yoo Seung Ho is wanted by producers to appear not only in dramas but in films as well. Just as how Lee Jae Hoon got cast for a drama (SBS’ ‘Secret Door’) even while he’s in the military, everyone is saying that Yoo Seung Ho is also already picking out his next project when he comes out of the military,” added the source.

According to a statement by Yoo Seung Ho’s agency San Entertainment to OSEN, the actor is indeed receiving offers for different projects including the film “Joseon Magician” (tentative title).

“The film ‘Joseon Magician’ is only one of the projects we received proposals for. Although it is true that we did get the scenario for ‘Joseon Gunman,’ no decision has been made yet regarding the project. We are currently receiving good proposals and ‘Joseon Magician’ is only one of the many (proposals) we get,” said the San Entertainment representative.

The young actor’s last project before entering the army was the 2013 MBC drama “I Miss You” wherein he acted alongside Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye.

Yoo Seung Ho entered the military on March 5, 2013 as part of the 102 reserve unit in Chuncheon, Kangwondo. After receiving his basic military training, he received marine battle colors and was assigned as teaching assistant and is currently in charge of recruitment. He will be officially discharged from the army on December 4.