2PM’s Wooyoung Opens Up on His “We Got Married” Stint

2PM‘s Wooyoung is recently back on the scene not only for his group’s much-awaited comeback, but also for ending his appearance on the MBC Saturday variety “We Got Married.” The singer sat down with My Daily in Seoul for an interview where he opened up on his thoughts and his virtual marriage with actress Park Se Young.

“It was a good time,” he said.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s life as a virtual couple was filled with sometimes sweet and sometimes strange moments during their nine months together. It surprised audiences when he kissed her while lying to fall asleep. Their last episode was also especially memorable because Wooyoung planted a kiss on Park Se Young that he said in his production interview was a move to stop her tears.

“I tried very hard. I wanted to show how far I could go as someone’s husband. There are a lot of people giving their opinions. They also questioned whether we were really dating and demanded I tell the truth,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung and the rest of 2PM are busy promoting their latest release, “Go Crazy.”