EXO’s Chanyeol Leaves Heartfelt Message to EXO-L

On the dawn of September 17, EXO’s Park Chanyeol gave his fans a peek into what he’s feeling through an Instagram post wherein he shared his sincere thoughts.

Together with a photo taken from EXO’s reality program, “EXO’s Showtime,” Park Chanyeol shared his innermost feelings to EXO-L.

“After having slept at an ungodly hour, I opened my eyes at dawn and couldn’t sleep (again), so to ease my boredom, I suddenly watched episode 6 of EXO’s Showtime that we shot last year,” Chanyeol began his message.

“Although it hasn’t been a year yet (since that time), those enjoyable memories keep popping up in my head and I already have feelings of longing. Of course, it’s also very enjoyable and happy now but when I look at the past, I look back to my self and am reminded of my original intentions, I think it’s very good that I can think of a lot of things,” Chanyeol continued, baring his heartfelt thoughts.

Chanyeol then sent a message to the EXO members and their fans, EXO-L. “I love the EXO members very very much and I also love EXO-L very very much. I want to feel the happiness that I feel now forever. I hope that our members, our fans, and everyone around me become healthy and happy. I may always be lacking but to all those who support and love me, Chanyeol, thank you very much and I love you! Finally, EXO!!! Let’s love!!! (for a lifetime)”

Some fans speculate that the young singer is going through some difficulty so fans sent their messages of love and support to Chanyeol through his Instagram post.

Meanwhile, EXO is currently on their Asian tour, “EXO FROM EXO PLANET #1 – The Lost Planet.” They have recently finished the Bangkok leg of their tour and will continue with performances in Beijing, China on September 20 and 21.