Cha Seung Won to Participate in Bulgari’s Charity Photo Shoot

Actor Cha Seung Won took part in a charity photo shoot hosted by Italian brand Bulgari and international children’s rights organization Save the Children. He is the first Korean actor to participate in that charity.

Bulgari began their charity work in 2009, in honor of their 125 anniversary. The brand produced their own silver and ceramic ring and necklace to support the “Rewrite the Future” campaign for children in troubled parts of the word.

The photos of celebrities wearing the Save the Children products, taken by world renown photographer Fabrizio Ferri, are sending powerful messages. World recognized celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Ben Stiller, Jeremy Renner, Eric Bana, Adrien Brody, Sting, Zhang Ziyi, and others are participating in this charity project.

Cha Seung Won drew attention as the first Korean actor to participate in the photo shoot. He took his part in the project with the photo shoot in Beijing, China in August.

Bulgari’s representative stated that “Cha Seung Won has been selected for this charity photo shoot campaign not only because of his excellent acting and strong features, but also because of the spotlight he is receiving as a Hallyu star in Asia.” He also added that the actor “amazed the Beijing staff with his unique yet charismatic performance during his shoot and earned the ‘Okay’ sign right away.”

Recently, Cha Seung Won wrapped his drama, “You’re All Surrounded,” and is currently considering his next project.