“Roommate 2” Pairs Revealed—Park Joon Hyung-Otani Ryohei and Sunny-Bae Jong Ok to Be Roommates

The production team behind SBS’ show “Roommate” recently revealed the roommate pairs that will be shown in its new upcoming season.

The first pair will be g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, who is often called “frozen human,” due to his unchanging appearance and behaviors, and actor Otani Ryohei. This seems like an unlikely pair because their personalities would seem to be complete opposites—Park Joon Hyung is very outgoing whereas Otani Ryohei seems like he would be very quiet and introverted.

918 roommate joonhyung and ryohei

The second pair will be Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and actress Bae Jong Ok. Bae Jong Ok is known for her charismatic acting skills on various projects. On the other hand, Sunny is known for her aegyo and cute personality. Despite the large age difference, the production team revealed that there didn’t seem to be a huge generational gap between the two.

918 roommate sunny and jongok 3

Meanwhile, Park Joon Hyung uploaded a photo onto his personal Instagram on September 17 with the caption, “Our nation’s fall weather is awesome, man~ With my nice and cute roommate juniors.” In the photos, he could be seen posing jokingly with Otani Ryohei, GOT7’s Jackson, and Sunny.

918 roommate joonhyung sns

The new season will kick off with its new members this coming Sunday, September 21 on SBS.

What to do you think of the new members?