2014 Asian Games Result in Changes to TV Program Broadcasting

Due to the 2014 Asian Games that began on September 17 in Incheon, KBS, MBC, and SBS dramas and other main entertainment programs will be put on hold beginning on September 19. For the two weeks following the preliminary soccer match, major changes in the TV programming will take place.

On September 17 KBS put on hold the daily dramas “Two Mothers,” “Live Info Show,” and “Vitamin” in favor of the soccer games. And on September 19, KBS will put “Music Bank” as well and rebroadcast the opening ceremony of the games.

The Asian Games, particularly men’s swimming and judo, women’s fencing, and soccer will be rebroadcast. On September 21, many entertainment programs will either be put on hold or shortened.

On Sunday, SBS’ “Merry House” will be put on hold due to men’s swimming and judo. SBS’ “The Music Trend” will be pushed to 2:10 p.m., while “Roommate” and “Running Man” will be aired respectively starting at 3:20 p.m.Real Men

running man


MBC’s variety program “Sunday Night” will be shortened. The first episode of “Daddy, Where are You Going” will be put on hold, but the special edition of “Real Men” featuring female soldiers will be aired as usual.


To many people’s dismay, some shows will unfortunately cease to be broadcast altogether. Despite the initial plan in broadcasting 50 episodes, SBS drama “Glorious Day” will end on October 5.