Jung Joon Young Finally Meets Jang Nara on His Radio Show

On September 17, MBC’s radio show, “Jung Joon Young’s Shimshimtapa” had Jang Nara, Casker’s Yoong Jin, and Royal PiratesMoon as guest stars.

On this day, MBC released behind the scenes photos of Jang Nara and Jung Joon Young on the set of the recording. According to a staff member on the production team, DJ Jung Joon Young was shy throughout the entire recording and couldn’t even look her directly in the eyes.

Earlier, Jung Joon Young made a voice cameo on Jang Nara’s “Fated to Love You” and showed his fan love. To thank him for his continued support Jang Nara had personally requested to guest on the show. Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young had revealed on MBC’s “Stargazing” that during his time studying abroad in China, he had gotten his strength from the sitcom “Nonstop,” where Jang Nara had starred. He had been a fan ever since then.

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Has anyone listened to this broadcast?