Seo In Guk Shows Off His Charm in Street Photo Shoot

Street photo shoot for singer and actor, Seo In Guk, has been released.

After Seo In Guk finished shooting his tvN drama, “High School King of Savvy,” he flew over to Bali to start his photo shoot.

In this eye-catching photo shoot, he introduces a street casual style showing off his masculine side that is quite different from the 18 year old boy image he used to play in his drama. Seo In Guk gives a sneak peak on his hidden charms in this photo shoot as he displays various expressions from mischievous to chic and serious.

Seo In Guk’s photo shoot brand representative mentioned that “the viewers will be able to get an idea of the celebrity street look through Seo In Guk’s photo shoot. He flawlessly pulled off this year’s best trend, the black and white street style.”
You can find Seo In Guk’s Pancoat photoshoot on the Pancoat homepage, blog and Facebook.

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