Ma Dong Suk Behind-the-Scenes Stills Show Contrasting Characters from OCN’s “Bad Guys”

On September 19, the production team behind OCN’s upcoming thriller, “Bad Guys,” released new stills of Ma Dong Suk behind the scenes of filming. In the photos, Ma Dong Suk can be seen giving his all while filming action scenes, such as hanging onto a car or getting on top of a windshield. In other photos, Ma Dong Suk is seen with a happy, child-like expression on his face and a towel over his head. His on-and-off camera behaviors are so contrasted, garnering much attention from fans.

According to the production team, “The actors are all doing their best despite the filming taking place in hot July weather. Ma Dong Suk especially gives his all in his action scenes. He even ruptured his thigh muscles, which required a recovery period of six weeks. Something to watch out for in ‘Bad Guys’ are the action scenes between Ma Dong Suk and Jo Dong Hyuk.

919 bad guys ma dong suk bts stills

Ma Dong Suk will play the role of gangster Park Woong Chul in “Bad Guys.” He doesn’t care about any consequences but lives with a heart full of loyalty. He has a record of taking over Seoul in a matter of 25 days, with a fast fist that doesn’t seem to match is bulky body. Though his body is covered with stab wounds, Park Woong Chul is still a warm gangster who cares deeply for his family. In the drama, he is anticipated to be the comic character that at times has his moments of idiocy.

919 bad guys ma dong suk char posters

Meanwhile, “Bad Guys” will also star Kim Sang Joong, Park Hae Jin, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Kang Ye Won. It will air its first episode on October 4 on OCN.

You can view the trailers here:

Behind the Scenes Stills of Upcoming OCN Drama “Bad Guys” Released

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