Lee Hongki’s Comic Teaser Poster Revealed for Upcoming Drama “Modern Farmer”

Recently, Lee Hongki’s character poster for the upcoming SBS drama “Modern Farmer” was released on their official homepage. In the drama, Lee Hongki will play the role of genius rocker Lee Min Ki.

In one of the released posters, Lee Hongki can be seen wearing a cool studded leather jacket, with a hard core rock spirit image. However, the caption says, “What? Lee Hongki has a cabbage farm?” which brought fans to wonder what was going on. In another poster, the caption says, “2014 Hard Rock It Bag New Clutch Bag—This Is the Least You Should Have If You Want to Be a Rock Band Leader.” But, the image contrasts with the caption as Lee Hongki holds a huge cabbage rather than an actual clutch bag. What makes it funnier is the chic expression he makes as he poses with the cabbage.

Meanwhile, “Modern Farmer” will be about the members of a rock band, Ex-So (Excellent Souls), who end up moving to the countryside to farm. There, the story will follow their dreams, love, and friendship in the form of a comedy. It will air its first episode next month after the ending of “Glorious Days.”

Anyone excited for Lee Hongki’s drama comeback?