Daesung to Release a Japanese Solo Mini Album and a Concert DVD in October

BIGBANG member Daesung will be releasing a Japanese solo mini album and a concert DVD in October.

The mini album “D-Lite” will be a unique album that will consist of Daesung’s enka songs. Enka is a popular music genre in Japan, similar to the trot genre in Korea. In fact, Japanese versions of Daesung’s trot songs “Look At Me, Gwisoon” and “Big Hit” will be included in the upcoming album, along with other cover songs and three new enka songs.

Daesung will also be releasing a concert DVD, consisting of footage from his successful Japanese solo concert tour through eight cities with 15 shows.

Daesung’s upcoming mini album will be released on October 23, while his concert DVD will be released on October 22.