Stills of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s First Meeting on “We Got Married” Revealed

The newest addition to “We Got Married,” couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, will show their first meeting this Saturday.

According to the production team of the show, the couple, who have garnered much attention with just a preview, will show a different side to themselves from the images shown in their dramas—Song Jae Rim will be an unpredictable yet strange character while Kim So Eun will be unexpectedly honest and short-tempered.

Their first meeting was not very normal—they met for the first time in complete darkness, guided only by each other’s voices. Taken aback by the situation, anxiety could be sensed in the air. In the interview, Song Jae Rim stated, “I was kind of annoyed since I couldn’t see her despite the fact that she was right in front of me.”

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The two, however, advanced quickly with some bold skinship. Kim So Eun revealed that her ideal type was a man who had a pretty Adam’s apple. In response, Song Jae Rim offered his neck and said, “You can touch it,” and even held her hand. Kim So Eun was briefly taken aback by the sudden skinship, but soon confronted it and showed that she was no easy match. Song Jae Rim later revealed that he thought, “She’s tough,” foreshadowing a rough road to marriage.

When the two finally came out into the light and confirmed each other’s identities, their reaction was said to have surprised the production team. The two are definitely not the losing type.

You can catch this first meeting on this week’s episode of “We Got Married,” which will air this Saturday, September 20 on MBC.

Who’s excited for this couple?