“My Lovely Girl” Grabs the Online Audience, Finishes Online Week ahead of “My Spring Day” and “Blade Man”

SBS’ “My Lovely Girl,” which just aired its first two episodes this past week, has grabbed the online community. According to the ratings from Tving, a real-time online TV broadcast service, the viewer ratings for “My Lovely Girl” were at 15.5 percent, while “My Spring Day” and “Blade Man” recorded 8.6 and 7.2 percent, respectively.

This is a bit different from the viewer ratings data recorded by Nielsen Korea, which had “My Spring Day” coming in at 11.1 percent and “Blade Man” at 5.0 percent.

“My Lovely Girl” seems to especially have the attention of the younger viewing audience, eliciting a hot commentary on online sites about the drama.

Previously, for the first episode, “My Lovely Girl” had come in second behind “My Spring Day,” according to the ratings data provided by Nielsen Korea.

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