“Star Gazing” Reveals Old High School Photos of Super Junior from Best to Worst

On the September 18 Super Junior special of MBC’s “Star Gazing,” old high school graduation photos of the members were revealed, much to the dismay of the members.

Shin Dong, however, had no qualms about the photos, saying that he actually looked much better back then. Ryeowook even mentioned that Shin Dong looked like Ashton Kutcher. So the hosts revealed his photo first, and decided to reveal the photos in order from best to worst.

shin dong

Next up was Kyuhyun, who seemed unaffected, saying he’s only really changed in one way – double eyelids.


Leeteuk came in third, with the classic ‘knife cut’ often reminiscent of old groups like Shinhwa and H.O.T back in the day.


Eunhyuk didn’t have much to say except that he’s thankful to SM. Shin Dong added, “They saw potential in that face…”


Ryeowook’s photo was revealed last, at which he insisted he had had a lot to eat the previous day.


Meanwhile, the September 18 Super Junior special was the final episode for “Star Gazing.”

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