[VIDEO] Round Two of g.o.d on AS4U!

To continue the roll that g.o.d has been on, this week was the broadcast of their second episode of KBS’s “A Song For You!” As a continuation of last week’s episode, we finally find out who won the “paper slap game” and we see the softer side of g.o.d. Shindong is still a guest MC, joined by the usual MCs Amber and Sungjae!

Good luck not falling for g.o.d this episode! The love they have for their fans is no joke.

Here’s a round-up of 5 more reasons you should definitely scroll to the bottom of the article and watch the episode right now:

1. The paper slap game.



… it’s MUCH harder than it looks apparently.

2. Shindong’s cheating.


You can tell he does a lot of variety – you don’t wanna mess with him!

3. Impromptu MC talent show.


The highlight of which is Sungjae’s solo version of BTOB’s “Beep Beep!”

4. A new corner!!


A sneak peek into star’s ordinary lives through photos~ Can you guess who provided each photo?

5. This once in a lifetime chance…


… to see the Aegyo powers of grown men! Joon’s was the best, but I’ll let you see it in action in the full episode!

Catch it now:

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