The Female Soldiers of “Real Men” Face Their Toughest Challenge Yet

The female soldiers of “Real Men” ran head first into their toughest training challenge yet.

In the episode of “Real Men” set to air on September 21 on MBC, in the final segment reveals the story of the struggling female soldiers before they undergo one of their most dreaded tests.

The female soldiers continue their guerilla training from last week, and they overcome their fears through intensive training to strengthen their stamina. Previously, the female soldiers had to jump and ascend a steep mountain path with an altitude greater than 450 meters. Before the training had even started, the oldest soldier, Ra Mi Ran, pleaded not to do the training as she had cramps in her legs before the girls even started.

In this week’s broadcast, all the soldiers have to depend on as they move between the mountains is a single rope, testing their horror to the limits. Kim So Yeon sheds tears even before the start, and gets scolded by her instructor, while on the other hand G.NA screams “Oh my God!” across the way, causing the cadets to laugh and cry.


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