2PM Tops Oricon Chart Within 3 Days of New Japanese Single Release

According to the Oricon Chart on September 20, 2PM’s eighth Japanese single titled “Midaretemina (Go Crazy),” which was released on September 17, has taken charge of the top spot after rising to number one.

On the first day of its release, 55,099 copies were sold, entering the Oricon Daily Single Chart in second place. After continuing to sell more copies over the next two days while maintaining its spot at number two, “Midaretemina” was able to make its way up to number one in three days since its release.

Earlier, on its release date, 2PM lined up the different versions of the new single on Tower Records’ World Chart, as well as Daily Chart. The original version recorded first place, the First Press Limited Edition A came in second, and the First Press Limited Edition B took charge of the third spot.

Meanwhile, 2PM will be marking the beginning of their “2PM World Tour GO CRAZY” in Seoul on October 3-4.