New Still Cuts of 2PM’s Chansung from Upcoming Movie “Red Carpet” Released

Brand new still cuts from the set of the upcoming movie “Red Carpet,” featuring 2PM’s Chansung, have been revealed.

These stills were recently released through JYP Actors’ official homepage. Within the storyline, Chansung has taken on the role of a hardworking ‘maknae’ (youngest) on a production team. In these photos, the 2PM member can be seen showing off three different charms of his character, which include his innocent side, serious side, and empty-headed/silly side.

You can see Chansung holding on tightly to a boom microphone on the set of filming, with a blank, confused expression on his face, which gives an idea as to what kind of role he plays in the movie. He is also dressed in casual attire fitting for his innocent character, such as a t-shirt, a cap, rolled up jeans, and thick-framed glasses.

Meanwhile, this romantic comedy movie “Red Carpet,” which tells the story of a movie production team that works in the 19+ movie industry, is scheduled to premiere on October 23.
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