SISTAR Soyu’s Great Figure Attracts Attention on “SNL Korea”

Soyu of girl group SISTAR showed off her body through decisive exposure.

SISTAR (Hyorin, Soyu, Bora, Dasom) appeared on the September 20 broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea” as the hosts and acted out various sketches.

On this day, Soyu appeared in the sketch “The Two Faces of My Girlfriend.” Soyu played the role of a yoga instructor and drew attention for showing off her body through yoga clothing.

Soyu’s sexiness radiated as she explained the yoga movements to the students. In the skit, Soyu stuck her butt and chest out with the yoga movements, receiving all of the attention from the male students.

As the yoga instructor during class, Soyu was pointing out Shin Dong Yup‘s movements. However, Soyu is Shin Dong Yup’s girlfriend, so while all of the students were out of the room, Soyu went up to Shin Dong Yup and apologized, showed off her aegyo and kissed him on the cheek.

The skit successfully displayed Soyu’s great figure as it made headlines in the local media.


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