Actress Jo Yoon Hee Brings Fall to the Northern Mariana Islands for Marie Claire

Marie Claire revealed a pictorial of actress Jo Yoon Hee in which she conveys the autumn atmosphere.

Actress Jo Yoon Hee, who has a doll-like appearance and a unique fashion sense, recently participated in a pictorial for fashion magazine Marie Claire while sporting the brand niko and.

In the revealed pictures, Jo Yoon Hee transforms into a sensible autumn woman in Tinian, one of the islands part of the Northern Mariana Islands that showcases nature’s beautiful landscape. Using one of Tinian’s major attractions as the background, Jo Yoon Hee models in a one-piece dress to jeans, showing off the street fashion in a stylish manner and displaying the beauty of herself mixing in with nature.

Whatever the styling, Jo Yoon Hee looked fashionable. There is a rumor that she brightened up the filming atmosphere despite the humid weather and the hot sunlight. One is able to see Jo Yoon Hee’s charming pictorial in the October edition of Marie Claire.

Meanwhile, the movie “Criminal Designers” in which Jo Yoon Hee stars in will hit the theaters later this year.



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