Haru Transforms into a Little Bride on New Episode of “Superman Returns”

On September 21, “Superman Returns” will air its 45th episode, “Meeting a New World.”

In the upcoming episode, Tablo and his daughter Haru will visit Minsok Village (a Korean folk village set up as a living museum of Joseon times). They will be reenacting a traditional wedding, and in the process Haru will be transforming into an adorable little bride.

In the released stills, Haru can be seen wearing a bright, colorful wedding garb that contrasts well with her white skin. It’s been said that Tablo couldn’t keep his eyes off his daughter, who had transformed into a cute yet elegant young bride.

But Haru just couldn’t help but be herself, as her attention was focused solely on the horse that had been prepared for the groom. Despite the fact that there was a palanquin prepared just for the bride, Haru gazed at the horse and asked, “What’s its name?” Eventually, she refused to ride in the palanquin. Rather, she picked to ride the horse instead, which brought laughter to the scene as the young bride struggled to get on the horse. Seeing this, Tablo jokingly said to the men who had been prepared to carry the palanquin, “Whew~ I bet it’s your first time seeing the bride ride the horse, huh?”

921 haru bride

Meanwhile, this episode will air on September 21, though it will move to 4:30 pm KST due to the Incheon Asian Games.

Who’s excited to see Haru as the bride?