Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Engage in a Battle of Lies for First Episode of “We Got Married”

On September 20, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s first meeting was finally revealed on “We Got Married.” Their first meeting was unlike any other, as they met in a pitch dark café, where they couldn’t actually see each other—they literally had a blind date. Song Jae Rim, who had arrived first, was already adapted to the darkness as Kim So Eun arrived. The first thing he did was to sniff in her direction in order to smell her first, which brought laughter to viewers.

921 song jae rim kim so eun wgm still 2

In the interview with the production team he revealed his first impressions, “The smell of her cosmetics was good. And with the view I got of her face from the reflected light I could tell that her face was slender.”

As conversation wore on, Song Jae Rim decided he would play around with her and started to lie about who he was. When asked about his height, Song Jae Rim talked as if he was fairly short. With regards to age, Kim So Eun had already lied and said that she was young and that it hadn’t been long since she’s graduated high school. He responded, “I’m at an age where I should probably get married. The song, ‘Around Thirty’ is five to six years ago for me.” Slightly taken aback, Kim So Eun asked, “You’re not forty yet, though, are you?”

921 song jae rim kim so eun wgm still

Later in the interview, Song Jae Rim laughed, “I could hear her heart drop next to me.” However, Kim So Eun revealed in her own interview, “I already knew he was lying. I could tell by his voice.” Even with their occupation, Kim So Eun lied again by saying, “I’m an actress as well as something else.” What ended up being a battle of lies brought laughter and anticipation to viewers, as previews of the couple’s married life were also briefly revealed.

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun filled in the empty space left by 2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young, who left the show last week. The other two couples on the show are Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young, and Hong Jong Hyun and Girls’ Day’s Yura.

What do you guys think of this couple so far?