[UPDATED] ZE:A’s Leader Junyoung Leaves Warning Message for His CEO, Star Empire to Issue Official Statement after Review

Boy group ZE:A‘s leader Moon Junyoung (also known as Lee Hoo) has posted a series of shocking tweets regarding his experiences with his CEO Shin Joo Hak, cricitizing the CEO for unfair treatment. He even revealed that he has considered suicide, shocking many fans.

In his series of Tweets, he listed the struggles he went through because of Shin Joo Hak. He also added that he will be revealing the truths about his CEO starting tomorrow.

Following are the translations of his tweets, now deleted.

“From now on, I’m going to communicate to the public everything, the world I’ve seen with my eyes and the life I’ve felt with my tears. Please follow me. I’m especially asking the journalists..

My social media site… I’ll give you a hint and a promise that it will become a place to voice my frustration. From now, I’m going to just live like a human being, like a man. I won’t just pass by injustice.

I’ve restrained myself for no reason. Because what I got in return was useless curses and depression that has trapped me. Without having to go on longer, if one is a true leader, owner, and a king, if one is a true person, I think he should listen to the concerns of his citizens.

I can’t be cunning like a fox, and I’ll live on like a just lion. No, that’s just my style and I’m not going to hide it. I will show you what a real leader is, what sacrifice is… what truth is. I will show you tears turning into anger. I’m not joking around.

More interesting things will happen in the future. If my Twitter account gets deleted or if I become mute, it would mean that I’ve been pressured by forces that are strong enough to do that. But I’ll break all of that. Sincerity and truth and heart can connect and move… and also be manipulated… Please understand this.

I’ll ask the world the first question. Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak, who I really trusted and loved… are you confident in your actions.

I was crying, saying to do not cross…. I told you, Representative Shin Joo Hak… You’ve crossed the line that you shouldn’t have, and now you have to deal with it. I’m at my limit. From spot baldness to depression, I’ve suffered so much. Be prepared… CEO I’m sorry, I apologize, all I wanted was a warm word…

Be a man, be a man, you said. I will show you what being a real man is, I will drill it into your heart. I’m not Jesus, but I am a child of God, so I’ll trust in Him and start a war.

I’ve even attempted suicide… in front of my family I love. I’ve seen my parents cry tears of blood and now you have to cry the same tears, CEO Shin.

Why, because it was so unfair, and I became so weak and hideous, but because I was a man, I thought, if I’m going to die anyway, I’d rather close my eyes before I become any weaker and more hideous.

My fans, my parents, parents of us nine. And all the people in the world. Why is Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak raising me as a killer? Now I’m going to pay back. Be ready. Starting tomorrow. I’ll upload one file at a time. No, I’ll let it explode.

Do you remember these words, ‘am I a joke to you?’ I’ll let you know how that joke can turn into horror. You’ve called us your children? Your sons? Then now I’m going to ask you a question.

That money, like blood, that we nine sons have earned with our sweat, our blood… Where is all of it now? Answer me with your hand on your heart.

Today, I will end it here. Since you are still an owner and a representative of a company, you screamed at us to repsect you? I’ll show you that respect… I’m grinding my teeth as I leave now. Have a good day, representative…

Why did you do that? So… please… I, I told you to stop. Ah, and there’s something I forgot, if you are going to blackmail or bribe any of the other eight members of ZE:A, I will do the same to you. I’m ready to drill through that too. So stop it now, representative. I won’t tolerate it anymore.

Those kids, ZE:A kids. They’re my kids, and since I was an only son and lonely, they were like my brothers by my side. Don’t touch them. They’re mine. Don’t take them away anymore. Our members, and our fans, I will turn into a killer to at least protect them. Father God, please listen to me. Please help me.

I will live and fight now to protect my people. Jesus. I’m sorry that I’ve had bad thoughts and acting on that. Please forgive me. Please trust me just I trust you. I’m just trying to reveal the false charges of some poor singers. Amen.”

junyoung tweet

Currently, he has left only one of his Tweets, having deleted the rest.

Meanwhile, Star Empire has only commented briefly on the issue, stating: “We’ve confirmed what Moon Junyoung has posted. Currently, we are discussing his Tweets with the employees. From what he has written, it seems like a financial issue, so we need to clarify our stance on the matter. After discussing, we will issue an official statement.”

They also added, “The deleted tweets were deleted by himself.”

UPDATE: Moon Junyoung has updated his Twitter with two new messages.

He said:

“Portal sites, I’m so disappointed. Don’t take down the searched terms and please keep up ‘Moon Junyoung,’ ‘ZE:A,’ ‘Star Empire Mistreatment,’ ‘CEO Shin Joo Hak truth,’ so the public will know. If you have sons like me, please do it. We can’t have another victim… If you act like this, I’m going to reveal my first round.

I’m.. asking you. Other people, other agencies, once you are on Star Empire’s side, I’ll reveal those companies’ wrongdoings as well.. Don’t get hurt in this.. Don’t get involved in other countries’ war. If you can handle it, use your money then. That’s your specialty. But this is the truth.”

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UPDATE: The last two tweets of the previous update have since been deleted.


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