Haru Makes Tablo Proud After Braving A Dental Procedure on “Superman Returns”

Tablo‘s daughter Haru showed how brave she is when she went for a dental procedure on the September21 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns.”

On the recent episode of “Superman Returns,” Haru, together with her father, Tablo, went to the dentist to have her cavity treated.

When the father and daughter arrived at the dental clinic, Tablo asked Haru, “Are you really not scared?” and Haru replied, “Yes!”

The moment Haru saw the dentist, she was straightforward and asked, “Is there injection here?” to which the dentist replied, “Of course (there’s) none,” so not to scare Haru. Haru then went to lie down on the reclining chair and got ready for the procedure.

Before Haru started with the treatment, Tablo went to hold her hand to give her encouragement but the young girl let her dad’s hand go and showed that she can do it on her own.

Finally, the procedure started and the dentist brought out an injection and started giving Haru’s gums some shots. Haru seemed fine and even responded to the questions of the nurse and the dentist while Tablo looked like he was the one experiencing so much pain and couldn’t look straight at his daughter who’s having the treatment.

After the procedure, Tablo was so surprised at how brave his daughter seems to be and admitted that the young girl is better than him.

During the interview, Tablo said he was amazed at how much Haru has grown that she was able to overcome her fear and nervousness by herself during the procedure.

Watch the video clip HERE.

Tablo, Haru