Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Shows Concern on Appearing on “Roommate”

On the first episode of “Roommate Season 2” which aired on September 21, an earlier footage of Girls’ Generation member Sunny airing her concerns regarding being in the program was shown.

In the clip, the producer interviewed Sunny inside her dorm. Sunny asked a couple of questions regarding the show, “Roommate.” Sunny raised a number of concerns, specifically on how the filming will progress. Sunny asked: “Are there a lot of cameras? Will they film continuously?,” “Will they film even when we sleep?”

Sunny also asked how things will be in the house. “Will they make us drink (alcohol)?,” she said with a great laugh.

Aside from these, Sunny also revealed that she cannot cook and that she is afraid of fire, boiling water, and oil–basically the things that are involved when cooking.

With all these concerns, it will be interesting to see how Sunny will fare while in the share house.

Catch the next episode of “Roommate Season 2” when it airs on SBS next Sunday!