Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week

K-dramas never fail to give scenes that audience will surely have on repeat, and Couch Kimchi‘s top 10 moments of the week include love triangles, duels, scandals, gut-busters, and of course, romance. So, are your favorites the same as ours?


1. The Three Musketeers: Who’s got the bigger sword?

Where can you watch a duel if not in a sageuk?

In this scene, Crown Prince Sohyeon and Dal Hyang are supposedly fighting over hierarchy; the Crown Prince is going against his father’s wishes while by-the-books Dal Hyang must follow the King’s orders. For disregarding his authority, the Crown Prince challenges Dal Hyang to a duel, but when Crown Princess Yoon Seo steps in between them, the real reason for their fight becomes very clear.

Count on jealousy to up the thrill!


2. My Secret Hotel: Knowing me, knowing you

Sometimes we doubt if they know each other enough to deserve a second chance, but during their fake honeymoon, Hae Young shows he can still get to Sang Hyo.

Knowing that she’s scared to be alone, he tricks her, leaving her by herself during their late night campout. Panic-stricken, Sang Hyo screams his name. When Hae Young appears, she immediately hugs him, and that smile on his face says it all! As much as Sang Hyo rejects Hae Young, her heart can’t resist beating for him.


3. My Spring Day: A kick to the heart

It’s a moment that reminds us of those times when we first realized we were falling for someone.

Bom Yi is mad at Dong Ha and kicks him on the leg because she feels he hid his identity from her. However, she inadvertently becomes a hypocrite when she hides her relationship with his younger brother from him and his kids. She isn’t being sinister. She just wants to change his impression of her, but there’s a side effect: the widower and his kids have fallen in love with her. So when Bom Yi finally reveals her identity to them, Dong Ha gets another kick, but this time, to the heart.


4. My Lovely Girl: He’s back! The sexy beast is back!

Even though he’s surrounded by a much younger cast and his BFF is a golden-retriever, we’re just deliriously happy that Rain has returned to dramaland! There’s no denying Rain’s still got it. His onscreen presence hasn’t diminished one bit and so, it’s confounding that Krystal‘s Yoon Se Na would snub him. On the one hand, his efforts to pursue her are cute, like when his character arranges a so-called surprise meeting with Se Na, offering her ice cream but only to be told she hates chocolate. Poor, adorable puppy!


5. Discovery of Romance: Ode to lovesick dorks

Add this to the K-drama scrapbook!

During her three-way date with Joon Ho and Director Yoon, Sol surprises them when she defends Eun Gyu from his girlfriend, who’s been griping about his cheapness. Cue “Ode to My Family” as Sol’s dates crush hard on her while she hammers the girlfriend with a tally of Eun Gyu’s selfless deeds. Through their googly eyes, Eun Gyu is doused in a twinkling, dreamy haze. The musical experience of listening to The Cranberries has changed forever!

Joon Ho’s physical reaction to his attraction is especially priceless, his expressions wildly shifting between dumbstruck, confused, and turned on.

Aside from the sidesplitting humor, we love that the scene redeems Sol. Her brashness actually does good than harm, and like Joon Ho and Yoon, Eun Gyu has a renewed appreciation for her.


6. My Spring Day: Romance, it does a body good

Dong Ha and Bom Yi’s hypothetical ranch date simply makes us die from laughter. When Dong Ha teaches Bom Yi how to make cheese, we are impressed by the allusion to the clay scene in the movie “Ghost.” We also love how everything in this scenario is lactose-tolerant. Check out that love shot! We certainly never thought milking a cow would be romantic, but hey, according to this drama, milk is sexy!


7. Glorious Day: You’re my baby now

Glorious Day is a gem, a breather from shows steeped in melodrama. It has an endless stock of feelgood scenes, but this one makes our list because it’s a long overdue event.

Writer Han Song Jung, the fifty-something mother of three grown daughters, has her first date with Uncle Nam Goong Young. Who knew a middle-aged couple could get our hearts racing just with their handholding? They’ve come a long way from their days of squabbling. We love this couple and are cheering for their relationship. It’s glorious!


8. My Secret Hotel: It’s in his eyes

Sung Gyum‘s disarming eyes convinced us to include this scene in the top 10.

While primping himself for work, Sung Gyum seeks out Sang Hyo and asks her to put on his tie for him. As she does so, he lays on a foxy gaze that heats up the screen and our hearts. His proposal kind of ruins the moment, but we’ll let it slide because he could probably imagine himself having a wife who would do that for him every morning.


9. Jang Bo Ri Is Here!: All lies lead to the truth

The pathological liar Min Jung has fallen into one of the best laid traps in this drama so far. Here, the truth of her paternity is revealed to her father-in-law in the loveliest way. A master manipulator, Min Jung schemes, blackmails, and creates utter clouds of confusion from the lies she has woven, but we are curious to see how she’ll refute the truth when she was the one who gave away the secret. The reveal gratifies us as we anticipate her imminent downfall.


10. The Three Musketeers: Written on her face

One of our favorite moments from the past week’s episode of The Three Musketeers involves Princess Yoon Seo, who always keeps us on our toes with her hilarious reactions.

Earlier in the episode, Crown Prince Sohyeon found Dal Hyang hiding in Princess Yoon Seo‘s quarters and warned him to stop caring about her. He later tells the Princess he will protect her but then wonders if Dal Hyang has told her the same thing. She confirms he did without saying a word.

We wish we could add more, but that’s it for this week. Check in again next time because we’re in store for more humor, heartache, and suspense!

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