JYJ Talks About Senior Actors in C-JeS Entertainment

JYJ has recently talked about their senior actors in their agency, C-JeS Entertainment.

At the press conference for their “2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Shanghai – The Return of the King” held last September 20 in Shanghai, China, the JYJ members talked about their encounters with their fellow C-JeS Entertainment artists.

“After the broadcast, they tell us that they watched (our drama series) well,” said Kim Jaejoong when asked whether they receive some advice from the senior actors in their agency.

Kim Jaejoong added, “Kim Kang Woo hyung said, ‘I’m watching your drama well. I’m a JYJ fan.’ Also, some time ago, I met Lee Jung Jae hyung by chance at the cafeteria. Hyung somehow doesn’t check out other people’s dramas but he told me he watched my drama from the first episode until it finished. I receive a great amount of strength and encouragement with those words.”

Because there’s over 20 artists in the agency’s roster of talents, Kim Junsu said that most of them talk through online messengers. “Some time ago, Ra Mi Ran sunbae-nim (senior) sent me a message on Kakao Talk and said, ‘I just passed by Sinchon suddenly and I missed Junsu (you).’ It felt nice,” Junsu said. “When I first went to the workshop, I was scared. Because Sol Kyung Gu, Choi Min Sik, and Kwak Do Won are all impressionist actors, (I was scared) but when I got to know them, they’re all warm and good people. Everyone in the company really feels like family (to me),” added Junsu.

Aside from JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment has in its roster of artists talented actors such as Choi Min Sik, Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kwak Do Won, Kim Kang Woo, Song Ji Hyo, Ra Mi Ran, Jung Suk Won, and singer Gummy.