ZE:A’s Junyoung Reveals His War with Star Empire Far From Over

The past few days have been very trying for ZE:A fans as ZE:A’s leader Moon Junyoung (also known as Lee Hoo) revealed his great dissatisfaction towards Star Empire and its CEO, Shin Joo Hak.

After a series of tweets and a meeting with the CEO, Junyoung was able to have his concerns addressed and an agreement between him and Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak was made.

While it seemed that the concerns of ZE:A leader Moon Junyoung (Lee Hoo) have already been addressed by Star Empire following a statement made by the agency, a new development in the story revealed that the war that the ZE:A leader has waged with the company is far from over.

Through his official Twitter posts that were later deleted, Junyoung said, “There are a lot of people who think that I only thought of myself and received money to shut my mouth up. That’s not it. I simply saw the tears of one family’s father, our President Shin. And was that all in one day? No. It’s from years of fighting and enduring until I finally exploded. Am I avoiding (anything)? No. This is a ceasefire for a moment.”

He then followed, “Although the shocking statements that I made will not be enough for everyone (of you) who want and like it… do you see… how I have to carry everything on my shoulders? I’m saying if you said you’ll help, you should definitely help…”

Junyoung called out the people who only watch from the sidelines and said, “Why do (they) only know how to watch and egg on the fight? Why don’t (they) have the family-like mindset of looking over the fight…? (With thoughts like) ‘My friend is being hit, how can I just stay put..’ But at that moment, there wasn’t anybody who wanted to bravely fight on my behalf…”

“To put it bluntly… I have, as many of you have said, pulled the trigger and started this war. If I continue holding this gun, then can you all confidently say that you’ll be by my side until the end? I’ll (continue with the fight) when I see that trust. If you’re on my side, leave your name and phone number not on portal sites but through replies on my Twitter page,” added Junyoung.

Junyoung continued to challenge the people by saying, “If you’re on the same ship, then definitely be on the same ship.. When I see your trust (in me), I’ll take care of the work. I’ll fight this war like what everyone says. In return, please move my heart with the trust of the people. If you really want to help me… Please.”

These tweets were then deleted and Junyoung left another message to everyone, “If God, the unseen sponsor, and the public, whose strong support and trust can be seen with the eyes, are present. Please win my heart.”

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