U-KISS’ Kevin Joins Instagram

Good news for KISSMEs! U-KISS’ Kevin joined Instagram this week with the username @kevin_woo1125He confirmed the account by posting about it on his official Twitter.

So far, he has already shared a good amount of pictures with fans during the past two days. U-KISS is currently is in Russia for a concert.

His first Picture:

Hey guys! I’m finally on Instagram now �de42 드디어 인스타그램 시작했어요! 잘부탁드려요 ㅎㅎ いよいよインスタグラムします〜よろしく!(≧∇≦)”

In his most recent picture, Kevin shared a picture of the group before going on stage for their concert in Moscow, Russia.

30 mins before our concert in Russia!!! LET’S GO~~~ #유키스 #ukiss #moscow #russia”

Hopefully Kevin will continue to be active on Instagram and hopefully get other U-KISS members to join in as well.