Lee Yoon Ji Looks Flawless in Wedding Photo Shoot

Actress, Lee Yoon Ji’s wedding photo shoot was released as she made her joy of getting married public.

Lee Yoon Ji’s management company, Namoo Actors, released her wedding photo shoot on the 22. Lee Yoon Ji boasted her beautiful bride-to-be figure in her photo shoot. Her wedding ceremony is to be held at the Grand Ballroom of 63 Building located in Yeouido. Her husband-to-be is known to be a thirty-three year old dentist, and in consideration of him and his family, the wedding ceremony will be held privately.

The netizens commented on Lee Yoon Ji’s wedding photo shoot saying that she looks ready to get married and that her husband must be a lucky guy for marrying her.

Lee Yoon Ji was cast as a psychologist professor in the cable channel OCN‘s new drama, ‘Doctor Frost‘ and is planning to actively continue on her career after marriage.