Crayon Pop to Release Subunit Material in October, Full-Group Album Is Delayed

Chrome Entertainment, the talent agency that represents girl group Crayon Pop, has revealed that the act will be putting out a subunit project release sometime in October.

A representative said, “The subunit will start promoting a release next month. Fans can expect the subunit to have a different concept and appeal than from that of Crayon Pop.”

The agency also announced that the girls’ first studio album will not be released in September (as previously stated), but that it has been postponed for a later release date.

The agency stopped short of saying when the full-group album would be released, but announced, “As this will be Crayon Pop’s first studio album, we wanted to put a little more work into it before we put it out there. The title track needs a bit more work, as do many of the other songs.”

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