Police to Forward Kim Hyun Joong’s Assault Case to Attorneys for Prosecution

The police has announced that they will be forwarding Kim Hyun Joong‘s assault case to the attorneys for final prosecution.

Detective Jung Chae Min who worked on Kim Hyun Joong’s physical assault charges stated, “Out of the four assaults reported, the one which Kim Hyun Joong admitted guilty to will be forwarded to the prosecutors for further action.”

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong was questioned by the police and admitted that “there was a physical fight during the process of breaking up, but there was no repeated abuse.” Kim Hyun Joong admitted to one case of physical assault which resulted in injuries that will take two weeks to heal completely.

Although the charges were dropped after Kim Hyun Joong publicly apologized to “A,” the police will still proceed with the case for the one physical assault case he admitted to.

Detective Jung added, “We have a medical report on the injuries caused in the one assault he admitted to. Assault cases with physical injuries that are proven cannot be dropped even if there is an agreement between the assailant and the victim.”

He further commented, “We need about two weeks in order to prepare the police’s final statement.”

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