Seungri Still in Hospital, Police Investigation on Hold

BIGBANG‘s Seungri is still in the hospital, 10 days after his car accident, and the police investigation is currently on hold due to Seungri’s hospitalization.

On September 22, a representative from the Seoul police stated, “The investigation into Seungri’s car accident has yet to begun. Our schedule is undecided as Seungri is still hospitalized.”

Seungri’s agency YG Entertainment announced, “Seungri is in a better condition. But he is still in the hospital.” They also confirmed that what the police has stated is true in terms of the police investigation of the incident.

Seungri ran his Porsche into a Mercedes on Banpo Bridge around 3:30am on September 12, and was initially on an ambulance to the hospital. However, he got off the ambulance and was later transported to the hospital in his manager’s vehicle.

YG Entertainment has only provided limited information regarding the incident. In the footage of the accident that was released, it appeared that Seungri was driving extremely fast while changing lanes, crashing into the other car. Both YG and police have ruled out drunk driving.

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