Kim Bum Soo Gains Attention for Toned Body in MV for New Ballad “Teardrop of My Heart”

Singer Kim Bum Soo, known for his outstanding “luxury” vocals, has returned with the release of a brand new digital single titled “Teardrop of My Heart” on September 23. It has been about two years and four months since the singer’s last song, “Rock Star,” in 2012.

“Teardrop of My Heart” is an emotional ballad that builds its foundation around the sound of a traditional Korean harp (gayageum), combined with Kim Bum Soo’s warm vocals that pull at the heartstrings of the listener. The song tells the story of a man’s unending feelings of love, even after breaking up with his former love.

Along with this new release, Kim Bum Soo has unveiled a music video as well, in which the singer himself takes the spotlight. In the music video, a shirtless Kim Bum Soo can be seen displaying his toned, fit body as he sings out the bittersweet lyrics, while expressing and acting out the sad emotions of the ballad.

Take a listen to the song and watch the music video below!

kim bum soo