TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” MV Tops International Music Video Charts

Girls’ Generation subunit TaeTiSeo‘s comeback music video for “Holler” has enjoyed great popularity among the international audience.

Only a few days after releasing the video on September 17, “Holler” shot to the top of  YouTube’s official weekly K-pop chart, K-Pop Music Video Chart Top 20 (September 15 to 21).

Not only did the video charm viewers on YouTube, but also on other online video services. In China, “Holler” ranked first on the weekly K-pop music video charts of video streaming site iQIYI and music portal Yinyuetai VChart.

TaeTiSeo’s second mini album, “Holler,” has been a hit around the world, with the release climbing to the top of iTunes charts in Europe, Asia, and the Americas after its release on September 17. The music video reached three million views on YouTube in mere three days, and the current view count is nearing four million.