Moon Hee Jun and Yoo Joon Sang Confirmed for “Real Men” Special Episode

Ex-H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun and actor Yoo Joon Sang will be undergoing tough military training for a special episode of MBC’s “Real Men.”

It has been revealed that MBC is producing a special episode of the popular variety show, and the casting process is currently ongoing. In addition to Moon Hee Jun and Yoo Joon Sang, two to three celebrities are expected to join the army as special guests.

While the female soldier special of “Real Men” has received immense love from the viewers, many are wondering if the new special manages to maintain the show’s popularity. So far, the response has been enthusiastic, as Moon Hee Jun is widely known for his outstanding entertaining skills, and Yoo Joon Sang has already introduced himself to the viewers of “Real Men” as the show’s narrator. Yoo Joon Sang is also the husband of actress Hong Eun Hee, who is currently appearing on the female soldier special.

According to MBC, the group of new faces will be entering the training camp on September 28, but the episode’s air date is yet to be announced.