Teen Top Reveals Who Among the Group is the Best Drinker

Teen Top has recently made a guesting on the SBS Power FM show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” wherein they talked about their latest single, “Missing,” among other things.

During their guesting on the radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the boys showed good chemistry with the host while they engage in witty banter.

Since the members of the group all reached the legal drinking age in Korea, Choi Hwa Jung asked the members to rank themselves according to who has the highest alcohol tolerance. The Teen Top members ranked Chunji as the one with the highest alcohol tolerance followed by Changjo, C.A.P, and then Ricky. However, for the fifth and sixth place, the boys couldn’t decide on how to rank Niel and L.Joe, raising the curiosity of the listeners even more.

After revealing the ranking, Choi Hwa Jung had a follow-up question for the best drinker of the group, Chunji, asking more about his drinking habits. Chunji confessed, “Sometimes, I drink about half a bottle (of alcohol) when having meals,” making the whole studio burst into laughter.

Teen Top

Did you guess it correctly?