No Min Woo Wants Gay Rumors to Stop

The beautiful man No Min Woo, whose delicate features could rival–even beat–that of many other women, finally felt that he needed to explain himself and clarify the rumors that he’s gay.

On the September 23 broadcast of the SBS variety show “Magic Eye” hosted by Lee Hyori, Moon So Ri, Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Gu Ra, and Moon Hee Joon, No Min Woo was able to explain his side regarding the undying rumors.

On this episode, Lee Hyori brought up the issue and showed the photo of No Min Woo that helped fuel the fire that the actor is gay. “There’s a photo that makes you question No Min Woo’s sexual identity,” said Lee Hyori as she pulled out the photos of No Min Woo taken from last year. The photos show No Min Woo lying on a bed and smiling sweetly for the camera. Even without retouching, No Min Woo shows a pretty face that got the other guests including the panelist Moon So Ri envious.

No Min Woo then explained, “Because of this photo, I had rumors that I’m gay. This is a photo I uploaded for my fanclub. The fans like these kinds of photos.” The actor then continued, “Through this broadcast, I want to show that I’m not gay.”

Since the atmosphere got too serious, Kim Gu Ra tried to lighten up the mood and said, “Just what could you show that could (prove) you’re not gay? Could you show us?,” making the room burst in laughter.

No Min Woo

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