Actress Han Ga In Revealed to Have Suffered a Miscarriage

Actress Han Ga In’s agency has released an official statement sharing the sad news that the actress has suffered a miscarriage.

On September 24, BH Entertainment revealed, “Shortly after announcing the good news of Han Ga In’s pregnancy earlier this year, she unfortunately ended up suffering the pain of a miscarriage around May.”

The agency continued, “Because the miscarriage came not too long following the pregnancy news being involuntarily known to the public, it was devastating and the entire family needed time to heal their pained hearts. We ask for your understanding for belatedly opening up about this matter now.”

Han Ga In’s agency ended their official statement by sharing, “Although they experienced great sadness, the family members spent time consoling and comforting one another. Currently, they have somewhat been able to find peace of mind and are doing well. Please provide comfort and encouragement.”

Meanwhile, it was made known to the public earlier this year in April that Han Ga In and her husband, actor Yeon Jung Hoon, were expecting their first child after getting married in 2005.

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