2PM’s “Go Crazy” Remixes Ruled Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

Male group 2PM continues to struggle with meeting the criteria of broadcast company KBS.

On September 24, KBS announced the results of its latest song evaluation, and revealed that 2PM’s “Go Crazy (djnure VS. Fingazz Remix),”Go Crazy (BOYTOY Vibe MIX),” and “Go Crazy (BOYTOY Crazy MIX)” have been ruled unfit for broadcast due to vulgarities in the lyrics.

The evaluation board of KBS explained, “The songs might hinder the healthy mental development of teens.” The songs were banned due to the lyrics including lines “guys who planned to go crazy” and “dude, it’s time for the next round.”

On August 28, 2PM’s side asked to undergo evaluation with “Go Crazy.” The song failed to make the cut, but 2PM responded by altering the lyrics and submitting the song for reevaluation. Finally, the title track managed to receive KBS’ stamp of approval on September 10, and the group has been able to promote on TV.

KBS revealed, “For the third evaluation, 2PM submitted their full-length album, which includes the lyrics deemed unfit for broadcast during the first round.”