“K-Pop Star 3” Nam Young Joo to Debut with Song Written by CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun

Nam Young Joo, most well known through SBS audition program “K-Pop Star 3,” will be debuting with a song written by CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun.

Nam Young Joo’s agency JJ Holic Media has announced that Nam Young Joo will be releasing her debut title single “Because I’m Weak and Kind” on September 30. Previously, she released a pre-title single “6:09” on September 15, but did not promote the song on television.

“Because I’m Weak and Kind” was written by Lee Jong Hyun, who wrote the song after listening to Nam Young Joo’s voice. *He worked on this song with Park Eun Woo and Mr.Cho, both of whom who have made their names known with their work for the OST for “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”*

Nam Young Joo’s “Because I’m Weak and Kind” will be a mid-tempo pop dance track. It will be released digitally on September 30.

nam young joo 02

*Edited for accuracy