SHINee Tops Oricon Daily Chart with Latest Japanese Album “I’m Your Boy”

Boy group SHINee has topped the Oricon Daily Chart with their latest Japanese album “I’m Your Boy” on the day of the album release.

Oricon reported on the morning of September 24 that SHINee’s “I’m Your Boy” sold 11,506 copies on the day of the release, putting the album at number one of the daily chart.

“I’m Your Boy” contains the five-member boy group’s hit songs such as “Dream Girl,” “Everybody,” “Lucky Star,” and “3,2,1“. The album consists of 12 songs in total. Three different versions of the album were released, with the original album version, and two different limited editions.

Recently, SHINee has been focusing on individual members’ activities. Earlier, Minho stated that they will most likely not have a Korean comeback this year.